Night Of The Hairy Beasts

by Stollo

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A 10-track full-length album, recorded between April - July 2015.

The main focus that this album particularly focuses on is the exploration of the legendary bigfoot or "sasquatch" creature of north america, but not limited to. This giant hominid-like ape creature is known to roam the woods of various; if not all, forested pockets in the world. Being about 7-10 ft. tall, 400-1000 lbs, with dark to light brown hair covered all over except the hands, feet, and of course - the face. Of course though, I don't really have to describe such a creature, it's popular enough to look up for yourself and get your own perspective of it.
Whether or not it exists, it's a creature that mesmerizes the mind of millions, something that won't go away. This album was made based on the folklore and mythology around the bigfoot creature, it's something that deserves an honorable mention - a tribute of some kind.


released August 15, 2015

Necrohermit- All Instruments, Artwork, and Everything Else.



all rights reserved


Stollo Raleigh, North Carolina

A one-man melancholic black metal project created in November of 2013 by Necrohermit

{Nov. 2013 - June 2016).

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Track Name: Gigantopithecus Blackii
Conspired by a hidden truth
An ancient being lives in the woods
A giant humanoid that ever lurks..
Between the forests of mother earth.
I cannot see, I cannot bear
The general sense of it being near
It can't be found, it won't be found
It's a creature of unearthly ground
but it can't be true
Not on this earth
it can't be true
Not in this world...!!

Gigantopithecus is its name
An ancient ape of ancient land
It walks among us with no intent
Only to observe our human kind
But with what reason does it remain?
Hidden from us with no gain
It's a mystery that'll never be solved
It just wants left alone!
Track Name: Night Demons
The night demons are coming for you
They lurk in the shadows of the forest
Waiting for a victim to feed their hunger
To kill a virgin girl and swallow her soul
Sensual sacrifice..
To fill their needs
A headless whore left to bleed
To scavenge on her erotic body
Just another meal...they desire more!

Night demons!
Track Name: Sasquatch Mountain
Sasquatch Mountain!

The legends of Boggy Creek
They're a myth we wish to seek
We have no proof that they exist
Only shadows in the eerie mist
Is it a hybrid.. of human and ape?
The missing link - to our evolutionary change
Or is it something - not of this world
Extraterrestrial? or something more..?

Sasquatch Mountain
Sasquatch Mountain!

Gigantopithecus - may still exist
After it crossed - the Baring land bridge
A prehistoric ape - of gargantuan size
Mesmerizes - what we had in mind
Is it a hybrid - of human and ape?
The missing link - to our ancient race
Or is it something - not of this world
Reptilian species? or something more...
Track Name: Nocturnal Bipedal Hominids
The nocturnal bipedal hominids
Killing anything to preserve dominance
They're the creatures under the bitter moon
That'll destroy the reality you once knew
Ripping apart man with its bear hands
Reconquering the land that was once theirs
They will kill until there is nothing left
They won't stop until all of us are dead!

Nocturnal Bipedal Hominds!
Screams in the Night!
Howls of Delight!

Nocturnal Bipedal Hominids!
Track Name: Genoskwa
An intelligent ape
A beast of myth
Empowered with rage
Standing tall
Amongst its peers
Will rip your soul
And devour your fears


It's a being of solitude, nothing less-nothing more
It hides from peering eyes, don't look now, you will die!
Instincts are kicking in, a drench of fear, very near..
A black shape engulfs the woods, you better run, you better hide!
Track Name: Pangboche Hand
The Pangboche hand
A relic hand
Of a beast of myth
That shouldn't exist
Slaughtering cattle
Sometimes humans
It can't be tracked
It'll never be found..
It's something wicked
An unnatural creature
Of urban lore..nothing more..
Said to be a giant
But where is the evidence?
Something from an ancient time
It should be dead
A prehistoric entity
That has no humanity
Only as far as the eye can see
Ignorance blinds us from the truth
From something that is tangible
But where is the evidence?
Track Name: Meganthropus Palaeojavanicus
Megadthropus Palaeojavanicus