Escape Into the Forest of Blackness

by Stollo

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The 7th album of Stollo that focuses on the more Melodic aspect of Black Metal than so the raw/necro sound that the previous releases had. Lyrically, the album is very diverse but this time around there is much more focus on the cryptid side of Stollo.


released October 12, 2014

Necrohermit - All Instruments
Mcwain - "Roc" track



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Stollo Raleigh, North Carolina

A one-man melancholic black metal project created in November of 2013 by Necrohermit

{Nov. 2013 - June 2016).

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Track Name: Necrohermit
All alone I seem to tremble
Through this pain I've now surrendered
Vanquish all that I have known..
It's to go back to my home.
Everything that I've stood for is now too much like folklore
It's times like these where I seem ton shiver
Just so I can now surrender!

A necrohermit is what I am
I venture alone because I can
Nothing is the place I've been
For years and forth until my bitter end
Everything that I stood for is now too much like folklore
It seems I'm left to shiver, just so I can now surrender

Track Name: Until The Light Takes Us
I can't seem to understand where we go when the light takes us.
So far gone my mind's become
Ominous thoughts of the afterlife, I can barely see.

Why must I praise a god which doesn't exist?
Only in mind..only with time..
It's become so hard for me to bare..
The thought of death in which I dare..

Whispering voices in the white light
Haunting memories in the shadows of night
Constant screams of necro souls
Frightful cries of whimpered demons
My life decays, my eyes now fade..
Decrepit thoughts..locked inside my head.
I await.. Until the Light Takes Us...
Track Name: Winter Depression
This place...this fucking place!
It's left with no one, it's left with nothing!
But despair, loneliness, winter... depression!
This pain, this endless pain!
I can't go on! I can't ever be free..
Of this world - I am lost, in this winter... depression!
All alone, I lay in snow
Deprived of tears, It tears my soul
Cold and bitter, winter..depression!
Track Name: The Melancholic Loner
I travel the earth - deprived of care..
Desperate and lonely, I cannot bare..
to stand alone, with no one to know..
with no one to hold - to call my own.
I wander the forest in search of refuge..
to get away - to have nothing to lose.
I whimper to sleep - scream as I dream..
..just as a feeble fiend - I desperately flee!

Rejection, is the hollow screams of my name.
Separation, only I am to be blamed.
Desperation, the cold shiver that is my shame..
Track Name: Engulfed With Emptiness
I have lost everything
In my life, in my mind!
Nothing seems to go my way
Living in pain - day after day.
No one can - ever understand
Never will they - comprehend
Left with nothing - it's all the same!
I am the only one to blame!

Indulged in pain I scream with shame
Engulfed with rage I have gone insane
Wretched fears dread my name
Tormented cries of rejected heartache
Let me greif, vent me pain
Gloomy weather comforts the hurt
Sorrow only fate
I am the only one to blame.
Track Name: The Beast Of Bray Road
There are tales of a cryptic wolf
Half-man, half-beast of Bray Road.
Legends say it stands seven feet tall..
with razor fangs and enormous claws
A wolf-like creature of Wisconsin
terrorizing folks since way back when..
Back in the state of Michigan, evidence suggests the Gable film.

You can't escape the Dogman of Michigan state
It's too late to be saved, you're now dead!
You've got no head!
Anymore, you're now torn from your limbs to your're no more..just a whore that ignored the folklore of Bray Road.

I'm sorry, I couldn't save you!
But you should've me - you so ignorant!
Tonight It'll come finish me off, it will..
attempt to hunt me down.. like the prey I've become!
If I don't kill it now..
If I don't end the howl...
Track Name: Frost Giants Of The Himalayas
Up in the mountains of the Himalayas
Lies a legend of a folklore tale
Bipedal giants that resemble apes
That live in a lair to procreate
Feasting on anything that comes their way
Leaving theirs prints on the frozen plains
Screaming their lungs in cold black night
Making you shiver in a deathlike fright
Slaughtering animals without a thought
Killing humans to remain uncaught
Never are they safe from the rest of the world
Time will tell when they're finally soiled
Creeping with caution on the snow top hill
Getting set and ready for their next bloody kill
Nothing'll stop the raging beasts
From getting their next human blood-feast!

They're the beasts that scream into the night!
They're the fear that shivers down your spine!
They're the demons from the dark ages!
They're Frost Giants of the Himalayas!
Track Name: Owlman
Shrieks in the night - I cannot seem to bare
Terrified I am - I can't help but fear..
the worse is to come - the Owlman is home
To prey on the weak, we don't have too long..
Sightings in Mawnan, a small town in England..
Half-man, half-bird, an owl-like humanoid!
A creature of folklore - causing an uproar!
Ten foot wingspan - conquering the main lands!

Why can't we understand!?
That we're not the ones to..
Overcome everything!
That seems to come our way..

Shrieks in the night - I cannot seem to bare
Terrified I am - I can't help but fear..
the worse is to come - the Owlman is home
To prey on the weak, we don't have too long..
Track Name: Mother Leed's 13th
A beast of urban myth, does it truly exist?
Flying in the night, screams to give you a fright.
Legend has it told, Drakekill's - not a folklore.
It lives in the woods, you'll hear the 'clack' of its hooves.
Pine Barrens - is it's lair, confront if if you truly dare!
New Jersey - is it's home, there it's free to roam.

They say it's just a creature of urban myth
Nothing more than a conspiracy
Flying the in the air with it's leather wings,
killing human-beings with its horns and teeth, cloven hooves and a forked tail, closely related to a real life devil or satan!
1735, was the date of it's birth - the 13th born of Deborah Leed's oath - declaring it to be one of the devil, out came a child to change history forever!

The demon was exorcised in 1740
for a 1000 years by a local clergy.
Terrorizing folks in the Pine Barren forest,
slaughtering cattle to further the story
Nothing can stop the devil in its tracks,
It's supernatural being with hooves that clack onto of your roof late at night.. Blood-curdling screams with such a fright!