Black Frost

by Stollo

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The 8th release which this time around focuses more on the depressive/melancholic side of Stollo, leaning toward a more raw and cold atmosphere when compared to earlier releases.


released November 22, 2014

Necrohermit - All Instruments, Artwork, and Mixing.
Mcwain - "On Dying Breaths" Track



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Stollo Raleigh, North Carolina

A one-man melancholic black metal project created in November of 2013 by Necrohermit

{Nov. 2013 - June 2016).

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Track Name: Snowfall
Snowfall is coming...quickly but slowly
Winter's approaching...A cold breeze is flowing
A shiver down my spine...snowflakes at nighttime
Staring into the night...There I shall finally die!
Track Name: Alone In The Winter Snow
No! Pain! Shame! Blamed!

I'm all alone...In this winter snow...
I'm so alone...I'm in this cold...
Too much pain...I can't go on...
Filled with shame...I'm the one to blame..

No! Pain! Shame! Blamed!

I'm so numb...I can't go on...
This endless pain..won't go away...
Frozen tears...flow down my cheek...
I start to weep...myself to sleep...

No! Pain! Shame! Blamed!
Track Name: Lonely Nights
Lonely Nights...All by myself...
Isolated with pain...No one can help...
Overwhelmed with guilt
Engulfed in sorrow
Mentally tomorrow...

Lonely Nights...All by myself
Isolated with shame...No one can help...
Consumed by loss
Engulfed with grief
Desolate forest...In dread I weep...
Track Name: Jackie
I'm lost...without you...
My deepets all but true...
There's nothing left...for me to say...
Constant sorrow...evades my days...
You're just a whore...and nothing more
A fucking cunt...that left me sore
There's nothing can do
Your fucking kind...I'm finally through!

The thought of you...constraints all reason
I'm left to wander...In this winter season
All alone...with no one to hold
Suffer to find...My only home
Cold and bitter...I have become
The thought of you...makes me numb
Full of's all for you
Sympathetic...if you only knew...
Track Name: Black Frost
The pain, it's too great
It's so hard to remember the past!
I have felt so much shame
That I don't think I can last!
Oh the hate, it's so great
I've lost all patience for me to wait
For a life I can strive
Before I wave my last goodbye!
Track Name: The Things I Should've Said...But Never Did
I am nothing
Consumed by something
That isn't me
That isn't free
Black frost falling
Eyes still balling
This isn't like me
Can't ever see...

I have fallen
Down to my knees
Always crawling
With pain I feel
Black frost falling
Eyes still balling
That isn't like me
Can't ever see...